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CPD In Paradise 2021 for Practising Accountants

Bringing Business To The Beach... In The Heart of Surfers Paradise!

Thursday - Friday

22-23 April 2021

Hilton Hotel,

Surfers Paradise, Queensland exciting, relaxing training experience

CPD In Paradise brings business to the iconic Australian Beaches of Queensland creating a relaxing and enjoyable ... CPD Training experience? 

We get those don't go hand-in-hand. Our CPD in Paradise  combines both worlds to deliver you engaging & interactive training in the heart of the Gold Coast... join us for an exciting, relaxing training experience.

You can even bring your family along to make your training & family holiday in one. 

Gone are the days of boring seminars...

Forget tedious sit-and-listen presentations! Escape to the Gold Coast where our intimate and interactive training sessions will make 14 hours of CPD cruise by in a jiffy.

Learn & Unwind

We promised paradise and at the Hilton, it is just that. 

With access to pools, spa/massage facilities, fitness/leisure centre, a theatre and even rooftop bars - you'll even forget you're here for two days of training. 

We are offering accommodation for as low as $189 per night (2 people, breakfast included) at the Hilton. You won't have to worry about travelling to-and-from the venue.

A fun family holiday right under your nose...

When was the last time you took a break? Unwind after two days of training. Stroll around the heart of the iconic Surfers Paradise or go for a swim around the golden beaches. You can even bring along your family and kids. What a great family trip!

Additional Activities

Why not bring along your family to paradise? 

The event will be held during the school holidays so why not make it a training/family trip? 

There's plenty to see and do around the area, and it will go over the school holiday period so why not make it a training/family trip?

Join us for an exciting, relaxing training experience

So what are you waiting for?

Bringing Business To The Beach... In The Heart of Surfers Paradise!

Get 14 Hours of CPD

Day 1-22 Apr (Thursday)

3 Course Dinner + Drinks 

Unwind after the first day of training and treat yourself to a 3-course dinner (included in your ticket purchase). 

Getting to know other attendees, presenters & exhibitors. 

You have the option of bringing your family along to the dinner as well (additional fees apply)

Engage with renowned speakers...

Our presenters are industry thought leaders. Not only do they possess technical knowledge from decades of experience but they also know how to deliver engaging training sessions, not your ordinary tax events you go to - get spoken at and yawn...

Your time in paradise also gives you access to...

Day 0- 21 Apr (Wednesday)

Welcome Drinks & Canapé by the Pool, Deck Bar

Upon arrival on the 22nd April, settle in and kick-back with welcome drinks before the first day of training. 

Getting to know other fellows & exhibitors in the room.

Lunch at Catch Restaurant 

Your day 1 & day 2 lunch will be held in a semi-private area at Hilton's Catch Restaurant. 

The lunch is hot buffet so that you can pick and choose the dishes you like. 

When you join us, your event includes all the following so that you not only get to sharpen your professional skills but also have a good time, get to know other peers...

Join us for an exciting, relaxing training experience

So what are you waiting for?

Bringing Business To The Beach... In The Heart of Surfers Paradise!

Get 14 Hours of CPD

Why CPD in Paradise is for you and why you need to attend

Renowned speakers covering a range of topics

At our CPD in Paradise event, we only have the best-of-the-best presenters speak. They are experts in their field and their presentations are engaging. It's not a sit-and-listen thing... Ask questions, spark discussions and they will look respond to you. 

14 Hours Of CPD

Our training sessions will run over 2 days. But it won't feel like two days with engaging presentations and drinks & dinner included, it will breeze by in a jiffy. 

You will gain 14 hours of CPD towards your training!

Paradise awaits...

As accountants, you work all year round serving your clients. You are required to attend tedious, sit-and-listen tax training days to make up your CPD hours. 

You deserve a break, especially with the busy season right around the corner. 

And once the event has breezed by, step out to the beautiful beaches, lively shops and restaurants, and explore what the iconic Surfers Paradise has to offer.

Bring your family along as it will be during the school holiday period and turn it into a family 'paradise' trip. 

Our Key Presenters

Been to other tax training events that you get spoken at, not being able to interact with presenters or get your questions answered? 

This is NOT one of those events. 

Our presenters are industry thought leaders, they not only possess experienced technical knowledge but be able to deliver engaging presentations that make your training days interesting and interactive. 

Trung Vu

Principal Of LGA Lawyers

Topic: Tax and asset protection aspects about buying, developing and selling property including a focus on capital v revenue tax implications and benefits and risks associated with owning property in various structures

Managing Director of Business Valuations Online

Brett Goodyer

Topic: Risk and Reward – How managing your client’s risks translates to maximising business value

Founder of Advisers Digest

Peter Johnson

Topics: SMSF updates & structuring property investments for foreign residents 

Jo-anne Hotston

Director & Lead Trainer, TaxBytes

Topics: Tax Updates and 

Special topic: Trusts – What’s attracting the ATO's attention?

Chloe Liu

Founder Of Viva Results

Topics: Grow your fees & accounting practice through marketing

More Speakers To Be Revealed...

Sharon McClafferty

CEO - Slipstream Coaching

Topic: Improving your business one project at a time

How to define a project, document it, and get it done. Significant examples & success case studies!

Founder & Director of Myssy + Co

Dominic Myssy

Topic: R&D Tax Incentives and Government Grants

About CPD In Paradise

CPD in Paradise is a 2-day event where you not only can complete your CPD training but also escape to the beautiful coast-lines of Surfers Paradise.

Our training sessions are jam-packed with speakers, who are not only knowledgable in their field but also know how to deliver engaging presentations.

Why not bring along your family and make it a family trip? Unwind and spend time with the family after the two easy-breezy training days. With plenty of things to do and see around the area, the whole family will be in paradise. 

Event Schedule

Day 1 - Thursday 22 April 2021

Peter Johnson of Advisers Digest will give an SMSF Updates presentation covering all the important changes within the superannuation sector.

Day 0 - Wednesday 21 April 2021

Settle in and mingle with other attendees and presenters with welcome drinks at the deck bar by the pool.

Day 2 - Friday 23 April 2021

Day 2 will begin with a presentation from Peter Johnson on the topic of structuring property investments for foreign residents

Jo-anne Hotston from Taxbytes will provide a full quarterly tax update covering all the major changes within the past 3 months.

Following this, Jo-anne will provide an in-depth presentation covering Trusts – What’s attracting the ATO attention? Learn all about:

- Rev and capital losses moved into a trust

- Differences between trust distributable income and net (taxable) income

- Franking credits and the 45 day holding period rule

- Circular trust distributions

- Distributions to tax preferred beneficiaries

- Distributions to SMSF’s

- Potential trust reimbursement agreements – using tax preferred beneficiaries

- Income versus capital

- Value extraction of corpus and luxury assets

Unwind after the day's training with a quality 3 course dinner and drinks. You also have the option to bring along the family (additional members, fees apply)

After the event, if you would like, you can then take the family out to see what the area has to offer! You will have the option of booking to stay until the 25th of April so you can turn the trip into a family holiday

Following, our guest speakers will present talks covering different topics.

Chloe Liu - Grow Your Fees & Accounting Practice Through Marketing

Trung Vu - Tax and Asset Protection Aspects About Buying, Developing and Selling Property

Sharon McClafferty - Improving Your Business One Project At a Time

Brett Goodyer - Brett Goodyer - Business Valuation - Risk and Reward

PLUS, More to be announced...

We will also have a session for sponsor panelists discussions.

Dominic Myssy - R&D Tax Incentives and Government Grants

Join us for an exciting, relaxing training experience

So what are you waiting for?

Bringing Business To The Beach... In The Heart of Surfers Paradise!

Get 14 Hours of CPD

The Venue - Hilton, Surfers Paradise

The venue for CPD in Paradise will be Hilton Hotel, located right at the heart of Surfers Paradise. 

With the beachline out the front, shops and restaurants to the left and right, you'll forget that you're even at a Training event. 

Getting There

The nearest airport to Hilton Hotel, Surfers Paradise is from Coolangatta Airport. There are various ways to get to the hotel from the airport: 

Approx. AUD$20 each way with local operator from Coolangatta Airport to the hotel . Approx. travel time is 45 minutes. Prior bookings are not required shuttles greet all arriving flights.

Airport Shuttle

Approx. AUD$60 each way from Coolangatta Airport to the hotel. Approx. travel time is 35 minutes. Uber prices may vary.


Trains are not available from Gold Coast (Coolangatta) Airport.

Surfers Paradise is the perfect location to bring your family along with. After two breezy days of training, spend time the weekend with them. There's plenty of things to do as a family, whether it's simply just unwinding on the beach, going shopping at the many shops or going for a thrill at the local theme parks. 

The whole family will be in paradise!

After The Training... Make It A Family Trip


Special Price Available 



(SAVE $300)

  • Full access to 2 days (14 hours) of exciting & engaging CPD at a discounted price
  • Full access to welcome drinks
  • Full access to renowned speakers
  • Morning/afternoon tea/lunch included (both days)
  • Full access to 3 course dinner on day 1

Very limited seats available!




(SAVE $2,099)

  • Bring along 4 delegates for the price of 3
  • Full access to 2 days (14 hours) of exciting & engaging training
  • Full access to welcome drinks, morning/afternoon tea, lunch (both days), 3 course dinner on day 1 and renowned speakers



(Must be from the same firm)

Price will go up, book now!

We will provide you with training material including slides & papers in soft copy form.

Tickets do include not travel to the Gold Coast, nor travel to/from Hilton Hotel. You will need to arrange this.

This event is sold out

What Other Attendees Said About Our Tax Training Day Events

What Other Attendees Said About Our Tax Training Day Events

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your refund policy? 

Refunds are provided with 90 days notice before the event where you have purchased a full priced single event ticket. If you have purchased a 'Buy 3 Get 1 Free' ticket, no refunds will be provided as we have already reserved your spot and discounted the price.

If you booked the ticket and don't show up, no refunds will be provided as we have already reserved catering and your spot.

If you cannot make it to the event at the last minute, you can find a replacement to attend the event on your behalf and email us so that you get all the event information on time.

Do you cater for different diets?

Yes, we cater for different dietary requirements. Our venue- Hilton Hotels has a dedicated restaurant that you can enjoy your meal and mingle with other attendees.

The event also includes delicious morning/afternoon tea, lunch and a 3-course dinner. 

Got more questions? Reach out to us at

What if I don't want to stay at the Hilton?

That is no problem at all. You have the option of staying at your own accommodation although the venue for the training sessions will be at Hilton, Surfers Paradise. 

However, staying at the Hilton will be much more convenient as the training session and all the events will be held there. You can decide what's suitable for you.

Am I allowed to bring my travel partner(s) / family members to the 3-course dinner on day 1?

Of course, you are invited to bring along your travel partner(s) or family members to the 3-course dinner, however there will be additional costs. For additional adult guests it will be $145 per head, while for children (between ages 4 and 12) it will be $50.  Please email us if you require this:

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We deeply understand how accounting firms work. We understand the lifetime value of a client. We understand fees, we understand lockup, we understand admin versus production staff. Most of all we understand YOU.

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ACIS specialise in business and investment structures and restructures – company registrations, trusts and SMSFs.

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Experts in providing business valuation reports for a variety of purposes throughout Australia.

Join us for an exciting, relaxing training experience

So what are you waiting for?

Bringing Business To The Beach... In The Heart of Surfers Paradise!

Get 14 Hours of CPD

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